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Tamarind seed polysaccharide is obtained from the seed of Tamarindus indica that belongs to the family leguminoseae. It is generally called “Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide (another name is Tamarind Gum)”.

It is a constitution of Glucose, Xylose and Mannose, this unique combination gives it the ability to bind water and impart a thick creamy viscous texture. Such aqueous solution is highly stable against acid, salt & heat and highly synergistic with Sugars. Our Group subsidiary produces world’s finest range of Xyloglucan derived from Tamarind Polysaccharide. The range TEMCOL has multi-speciality products to choose from to fit various applications. It imparts multiple rheological characteristics that can’t be obtained alone by any other type of Gums, only in combination with others,. Hence, TEMCOL can be also considered as a pack of properties and features that can be utilized as thickening and stabilizing agents in the food industry.

Some of the major properties promoted by the TEMCOL range are:
  • Gives a rich mouth feel with a thick creamy texture.
  • Provides a stable viscosity in Acidic, high salt or heat shock
  • Binds Sugar and provides an elastic Gel texture
  • promotes and stabilises emulation and acts as a fat replacement as well

There is no single Gum that can be stable in Acidic conditions or high salt or Sugar conditions, and also act as an emulsifier and stabiliser, impart a creamy viscous texture to an aqueous solution, provide higher stability and prevent thermal shocks, and act as a sugar binder irrespective of pH as well (unlike pectin that needs acidic conditions.) TEMCOL has all of these properties and that is the reason why it is so highly desirable in various applications like Ice cream, Sherbet & Frozen desserts, Butter for frozen foods, Preserved foods boiled down with soy, Pickle, Jam, Jelly, Cup jelly, Sweet jelly, Jam, Frozen jelly, Jelly containing alcohol, Sauce for pork cutlet, hamburger, etc., Medium thick sauce, Worcester sauce, Various kinds of seasoning soy, Drinks & powdered drinks), etc.

Some of the main grades in the TEMCOL range are:
  • TEMCOL 10 (for Ice-Cream, Salad Dressing, Dairy product thickening etc)
  • TEMCOL 20 (Semi-Refined refined and high viscosity and beneficial in most applications)
  • TEMCOL 30 (Refined and very high viscosity, high performing)
  • TEMCOL 40 (Clarified, high viscosity, high performing)

Industry Wise Application Of Tamarind Gum Powder

Softeness, Fat Replacer, Dough Improver, Improve Moisture, Structure, Texture, Increase shelf life, Binding agent
Baked Goods

Cottage cheese
Improves texture and Flavour Stabiliser
Cream cheese

Yoghurt Texture improver and Improves Creaminess

Tomato Ketchup Consistency improver, Serum loss reduction, Emulsion stabiliser
Salad Dressing

Meatless Meat Binder, Excessive Water absorber, Prevent migration & Separation
Fish Lubricant, Texture Stabilizer and Fat Replacer
Seafood Viscosity control and Improving Shelf Life
Sausage Softness

Fried Products Oil reduction
Noodles Better sheet formation, Texture improver, Improve retention of moisture
Artificial Foodstuff Additives Binding Agent, Thickener, Stabilizer
Instant Food
Chapati Softness

Pet Food
Fat stabilization, Thickening, Suspending gelation
Baby Foods

Chocolate Drinks
Controls viscosity, Improves body and Mouth feel
Sports Drinks
Energy Drinks
Protein shake
Soy Milk
Instant Drinks
Soft Drinks
Alcoholic Drinks
Fruit Juices
Nutritional/diet Cholesterol-lowering effect and Glucose absorption
Thickening and Suspending agent
Pickle relish
Sugarless Beverage
Whey Protein Concentrate Provides outstanding viscosity control

Cow Food Binding Agent, Suspending & Granulating agent, Texture improver
Bird Food

Juice Stabiliser& Thickener

Jams Stabilizer & Thickener, Agar and Gelatin replacer, Glazing agent

Diabetic Diet Binding agent, Thicken, Increases moisture retention and Extends shelf life
Lactose Free Diet
Wellness & Immunity Booster
Breakfast Cereal
Flours/Healthy Mixes

Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide and Xyloglucan

Type Description Usage
Raw Gum High Viscosity, Whole Kernel Gum Food and Technical
De-Oiled Gum De-Oiled High Viscosity Food & Pharmaceutical
De-Oiled, De-Protein De-Oiled Low Protien, High Viscosity Pharmaceutical, Food & Nutritional
Clarified De-Oiled, De Protein Food & Pharmaceutical

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