Hydrocolloids are used as stabilizers, thickening and gelling agent in confectionery, to improve its integral properties like texture, stability and mouthfeel qualities. They also provide the shiny finish on a pastry or tart, and for binding a coating on the surface of candies.

Hydrocolloids that are usually used  and have found to be helpful for the purpose of thickening and stabilizing in confectionary products are Tamarind polysaccharide/ Xyloglucan, xanthan, guar gum, locust bean.  

  • Give desirable mouthfeel, that are non sticky to teeth.
  • Easily fuse with starch and prevent dryind shrinkage of the products.
  • Provides high mobility products, makes them easy to mold and demold.
  • Highly cost effective, and 100% vegan.
  • Good replacement for animal derived gelatin used in confectionary.
  • Guarsar 501 (High viscosity, fast hydrating fine mesh)
  • Guarsar 351 (medium high viscosity fine mesh)
  • Guarsar F01 (Low viscosity, perhydrates Guar and odourless)
  • Sargol 100/99 
  • Sargol 100/98
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