SARDA provides food grade gums and hydrocolloids of premium and unparalleled quality in the industry.

  • Control separation, improve freeze/thaw stability
  • Improves viscosity 
  • Enhances mouthfeel 
  • Limits calories
  • Maintain and impart desirable colour
  • Maintains suspension of particulates and oil droplets.

The interactions among ingredients, the use of hydrocolloids, emulsifying salts, and other functional components, and processing conditions are made to get dairy products with specific characteristics. Hydrocolloids are multifunctional ingredients which are used in a variety of manufactured dairy products as stabilizers, thickening or gelling agents.

  • Hydrocolloids are extensively used in alternate dairy products, for stabilizing particles in suspension, giving desired mouthfeel and taste. Hydrocolloids can be used to replace animal-derived gelatine in hydrocolloids confectionery products, that are 100% Vegan, and from non animal source.For improving the characteristics of bakery products, SARDA offers three grades of guar gum namely 
  • Guarsar 501 (High viscosity, fast hydrating fine mesh)
  • Guarsar 351 (medium high viscosity fine mesh)
  • Guarsar F01 (Low viscosity, perhydrates Guar and odourless)
  • Sargol 100/99 
  • Sargol 100/98
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