Super Critical Extracts

Super Critical Extracts

Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) is a process where liquid CO2 is used instead of any polar or non-polar solvent for in extraction process.

SFE is a process of two steps: (i) extraction and (ii) separation of the extract from the solvent. As the pressurised liquid CO2 is used in the process which in later stage is de-pressurised and removed from the system. Hence, it is a non-contaminating process against other polar and non-polar solvents. As the process is performed at relatively low temperatures, it keeps the activity of the extracted molecule at the highest. In the current time, it is considered as the most dependable, clean and green way of extraction without any harm to the Mother Nature.

Sarda GroupĀ is a well geared and a silent player in this segment and provides a wide range of Colors, flavours, extracts and essential oils derived from natural sources.

Our state of art facility is equipped with small, medium and large scale plants of CO2 extraction systems. Besides extraction, we are also producing a variety of other value added versions including encapsulated, emulsified (water soluble), and stabilised forms of these extracts for ease of applications.

Industry Wise Application Of Cassia Tora Powder

Softeness, Fat Replacer, Dough Improver, Improve Moisture, Structure, Texture, Increase shelf life, Binding agent
Baked Goods

Cottage cheese
Improves texture and Flavour Stabiliser
Cream cheese

Yoghurt Texture improver and Improves Creaminess

Tomato Ketchup Consistency improver, Serum loss reduction, Emulsion stabiliser
Salad Dressing

Meatless Meat Binder, Excessive Water absorber, Prevent migration & Separation
Fish Lubricant, Texture Stabilizer and Fat Replacer
Seafood Viscosity control and Improving Shelf Life
Sausage Softness

Fried Products Oil reduction
Noodles Better sheet formation, Texture improver, Improve retention of moisture
Artificial Foodstuff Additives Binding Agent, Thickener, Stabilizer
Instant Food
Chapati Softness

Pet Food
Fat stabilization, Thickening, Suspending gelation
Baby Foods

Chocolate Drinks
Controls viscosity, Improves body and Mouth feel
Sports Drinks
Energy Drinks
Protein shake
Soy Milk
Instant Drinks
Soft Drinks
Alcoholic Drinks
Fruit Juices
Nutritional/diet Cholesterol-lowering effect and Glucose absorption
Thickening and Suspending agent
Pickle relish
Sugarless Beverage
Whey Protein Concentrate Provides outstanding viscosity control

Cow Food Binding Agent, Suspending & Granulating agent, Texture improver
Bird Food

Juice Stabiliser& Thickener

Jams Stabilizer & Thickener, Agar and Gelatin replacer, Glazing agent

Diabetic Diet Binding agent, Thicken, Increases moisture retention and Extends shelf life
Lactose Free Diet
Wellness & Immunity Booster
Breakfast Cereal
Flours/Healthy Mixes

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