• Prevent/control separation
  • Improves viscosity and control syneresis
  • Enhances mouthfeel 
  • Limits calories
  • Maintain and impart desirable colour
  • Maintains suspension of particulates and oil droplets

The interactions among ingredients, the use of hydrocolloids, emulsifying salts, and other functional components, and processing conditions are made to get cheese sauces with specific characteristics. Advancements in recent years have enabled cheesemakers to increase the quality of cheese sauces in terms of nutritional value by addition of hydrocolloids.

  • pH–apart from xanthan, few other gums can tolerate the low pH of sauces
  • Presence of various ingredients—usually  salt and vinegar in the case of sauces, can adversely impact the hydration of gums
  • Processing technique– factors like heating temperatures and mixing times and speeds significantly impact the final texture.
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