The hydrocolloids can be customised based on the product`s need, that can help to stabilize suspension, flavours and protect proteins from high heat and acidic juices; for example, protecting the proteins in dairy beverages from acidity. 

The hydrocolloids used are vegan, organic, non-GMO, fortified for their application to meet the required demands of  beverage industry.

  • Using hydrocolloids in acidic pH beverages, the stability of hydrocolloids at low-pH range is critical to maintain expected viscosity during storage. Another challenge is giving the appealing mouthfeel and great flavor release for the beverage. GUMS at SARDA has been formulated to meet the needs of manufacturers.
  • Guarsar 501 (High viscosity, fast hydrating fine mesh)
  • Guarsar 351 (medium high viscosity fine mesh)
  • Guarsar F01 (Low viscosity, perhydrates Guar and odourless)
  • Sargol 100/99 
  • Sargol 100/98
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